Bittersweet NOLA

Now I have been to a lot of places in this country and I have to say that so far New Orleans has my favorite people.  There is just something about their perseverance, pride, work ethic and manners that make for a fantastic group of people.  I once gave a man a dollar, he only wanted a quarter to ride the train, he then ran to the store across the street to get me change and insisted on me taking it because he didn’t need it.  That really is just indicative of the kind of people that you’ll find.  You will always have those who stray from the norm but generally people are so welcoming and kind it’s shocking in modern times, and it shouldn’t be.  We should all try and be a bit more considerate and selflessly kind.

Another thing I was taken with during my most recent visit to New Orleans was how hard the people and city on a whole are working to make the city a better place post Katrina.  I know it has been almost 10 years since Katrina hit but something of that size leaves a devastation that is impossible to comprehend unless you see it first hand.  I was never there pre-Katrina but I did stop about 2 years after and you could still see water damage.  Even now you’ll find people working hard every day and it is really showing.  Business are returning at such a rate construction companies can’t keep up and they have been bringing in companies from Baton Rouge and other nearby cities.  New business are coming to town too, helping to revitalize dilapidated buildings all over the city and repair infrastructure.  


Most of New Orleans is a bittersweet experience for me.  I have always love NOLA and I do now more than ever.  So much so that I looked into buying a home there and still do from time to time.  But I also know that it's not really a viable city for me to live in full-time.

I had a dear friend of mine commit suicide in Denver almost 7 years ago and New Orleans was a place we frequented together.  The town is riddled with memories for me and it’s difficult to shake them.  I certainly can’t forget my friend, not even a single day has gone by I haven’t thought of him.  

I just wish it was easier to split my time between 3 cities and travel the world, financially speaking of course.  If it were I would never stop traveling.  I am still searching for that ever elusive perfect job that lets me travel as much as I want and pays me enough to be able to travel.  Better yet I'll just get paid to travel, I'll become the male Samantha Brown!