Pizza, Food Trucks and the Bagel

New York City is known for a lot of things but when it comes to food bagels and pizza are the claim to fame.  Recently NYC has become a major player in food trucks.  They are EVERYWHERE which is great.  The food that they serve is as diverse as the city itself.  You will find gourmet lobster rolls to authentic thai dishes.

For many New Yorkers telling them where to find a good slice or a bagel is like telling them that their mother can't cook - but bear with me as I do it anyway.

Bagels and all their glory

Bagels are a gift from our Eastern European ancestors and we couldn't be more grateful to them.  I have a few favorites when it comes to the world of bagels, I have one savory and one sweet.  My favorite savory place is Black Seed Bagels in Nolita.  They have an amazing selection, it's sort of like Pinkberry but for bagels.  They have 8 flavors made in the wood fired oven and then you get to build your sandwich or pick from theirs.  If you prefer bagels in a bit more dessert fashion then head to The Bagel Store in Brooklyn.  They are famous lately for making a rainbow bagel, although mostly just pretty they do have a great selection of ways to make it sweet and delicious like the cake flavored cream cheese!  Another new craze sweeping the city is bagel holes, they are made to look like the center of a bagel like a donut hole.  Now we all know bagels holes are not punched out but it's a cute way to enjoy a lil bagel.  Bantam Bagels over in West Side makes really awesome stuffed bagel holes and were an Oprah's favorite thing and are now showing up in Starbucks.

Pizza Pizza!

It's everywhere in NYC and you won't have a hard time finding a slice or even a recommendation.  Hell I bet half the people in NYC know or are related to a pizza shop owner at this point.  Now DiFara might have the best pizza in the city in my opinion.  If they don't they sure have the fan base to make up for it.  People regularly wait around the block for this Brooklyn favorite.  Another maybe a bit more gourmet choice is Paulie Gee's also in Brooklyn.  They stopped doing take out a while back because according to Paulie the box changed the crust too much.  THAT is dedication to what he does.  It is a shame that all the best joints have moved or are outside of Manhattan.  Little Italy used to house some of the greatest Italian food in the city but it has just become a tourist trap filled with 'Americanized' versions of everything.

Food Trucks

As one of New York's newest and biggest food crazes you will have plenty to choose from.  These guys are not just hot dog carts with a bigger truck.  Most are run by classically trained chefs with amazing credentials.  Food trucks are simply a cost effective way of bringing their own kitchen to the masses especially in NYC.  Many use it as a method to help launch the restaurant of their dreams.  Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is a great example.  They started with a truck and now operate 2 very successful store fronts in addition the the truck.  Schnitzel & Things is also a very popular food truck in the city.  Red Hook Lobster truck is usually on the Brooklyn side but makes some phenomenal lobster dishes with fresh lobster from Maine.