Top Destinations

Where to begin?  China is such a vast land with such varied landscape yet a culture that persists across the whole land while being littered with remains of Great Britain's former presence.  Even so it seems difficult to try and pinpoint "top destinations" in China.  If I tried you'd end up with the top tourist destinations in a country, but since you most likely wouldn't visit a country but rather a city or two so I'll start there.  

Hong Kong is a massive city by global standards with over 7,000,000 people in the city proper it is almost larger than the largest city in the USA, New York City.  Hong Kong is independent from China in the way the USA's individual states are separate.  With these numbers one might believe Hong Kong is a massive city, and it is, but the city is so dense and built up not out.

I decided to showcase my top destinations in Hong Kong.  In another post I'll showcase all of my favorite stops for food and drinks.  Keep in mind my friend Jen has been the muse, so to speak, it was her journey that I am referring to in the China posts.


Man Mo Temple to me signifies what a lot of Hong Kong is all about, understated elegance.  When you arrive you could easily pass it, but once you enter you will find a stunning nearly 170 year old temple originally designed as part of complex.  This building was dedicated to the civil god Man Cheong  and the martial god Kwan Tai.


Victoria Peak

Not to be confused with Victoria PARK, Victoria PEAK is the highest peak in Hong Kong at 552 meters.  This peak offers sweeping views of the city.  You may also hear it refereed to as Mount Austin or simply lovingly The Peak.  The main attraction here are the views.  You won't find views like this anywhere else for hundreds of miles.  If you do decide to make the trek you'll find transportation easy and plenty of restaurants and shops.


Star Ferry

Arguably offering better views than Victoria Peak Star Ferry will give you great views of both sides of the infamous harbor during your hour trip.  One of the best deals in Hong Kong (at $12) and it has the added benefit of getting you somewhere.  Any one who knows me knows I love walking to work because I can do cardio while doing something else, I adore dual purpose things in life.


Temple Street Night Market

One of the best stops if you want to live like a local for a day.  The Temple Street Night Market has anything you could ever want and many things you never knew you needed.  You can find trinkets, electronics, antiques, even seafood and rice bowls.  


Tsim Sha Tsui East Promanade

Offering great views of Victoria Harbor and the Hong Kong city skyline it's easy to see why this is such a popular place to visit.  Encompassing the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Cultural Center you'll find far more to do and see on the river bank and in the parks.  This is where everyone goes to watch the Symphony of Lights, a city sized light show like no other.