Tips for Backpacking like a pro

There are a lot of things to think about when you are backpacking.  The first thing most people think about is DON'T FORGET ANYTHING.  Now this is a given but the key to this is staying organized.  I have a few tricks I'll share with you.

Check List

There are a tons of great apps that do this for you and even ones specific to packing but your phone likely has a checklist.  When you think of it, leading up to the trip, just jot down things you want to bring with you.

Packing Cubes

Easily one of the greatest things to happen to organizing since a freakin silverware organizer.  They are simply soft sided cubes of varying sizes that allow you to keep everything separate. If you really want to maximize these cubes put your things in some vacuum seal bags and then into the cubes.  it will help keep everything clean too if something were to break open.

The Right Bag

Before you go you should pick a bag that fits the trip you are taking.  I personally find that a 45L bag does the trick for most journeys.  I always like to have a little room in my bag because we all buy things while traveling whether you like it or not.  More specifically I love PacSafe and Tortuga brand bags.

Be Organized

Like most things being organized is a big help.  This comes in handy especially when you are trying to fit the most into a very small space and still having all of your comforts.  Plus it makes traveling a lot more enjoyable when you know that you have everything you need.  

What You Bring

I'm a function over form kinda guy.  So for me if something does two things or more I'm game.  I recently saw this inflatable pillow hoodie, seriously awesome.  Even chargers, I only bring the one for my laptop and backup battery and a small dongle to adapt it to my phone.  I also have a nifty reusable water bottle that you can take the filter out of and use by itself.  My camera handle doubles as a slip cover on the camera too.  You can save room and weight in a lot of creative ways today.  Do a little research and see if there are 'flexible' versions of your gear online, you'll be glad and they are a great conversation starter.

Be Aware

Know where you are going and pack accordingly.  For example I am based in Miami but I am heading to Philadelphia right now so I don't need a bunch of t-shirts and shorts or even the same shoes.  I should however make sure to bring vacuum seal bags (big down coats or winter gear can easily be compressed).