Staying Safe in Hotels & Hostels

This is one of those areas I never considered when I began to travel.  I have been fortunate that my room has never been burgled.  But I am positive it will happen at some point.  With this in mind I decided to explore how I could stay safe while I travel.  I have already explored backpack safety and now I want to explore hotel room safety.

Staying safe while your in the room

  • One of the first things you can do to help you sleep better is bring your own door lock/alarm.  My favorite operates like a door stopper, usually used to hold doors open but this one is used to keep it closed and sound an alarm if pushed.
  • Bring a concealed taser if you can, I always feel safer with one but airlines are generally not allowing them for obvious reasons.
  • Bring a "safe" with you.  PacSafe sells these great steel mesh bags that lock to something secure like the bathroom bars or furniture.


When you are not in the room

  • My very first piece of advice is, if you have a room safe do not use it.  They are all set up to be easily reset even when in use.  Everyone working in the hotel has the reset combination.  Plus most hotels assume no responsibility for items lost or stolen in rooms.  You can however leave your items at the front desk and get an itemized receipt and they will be much safer.
  • Do NOT leave anything of value just out in the open.  99% of people working in the hotels are honest and hardworking people.  But that 1% won't usually go digging into your closet or rummage through your bags, they don't have the time since cleaning rooms is timed.
  • Get a small portable security camera.  Netgear has a wonderful camera named Arlo that is fully wireless and motion activated.