Why You Should Quit Your Life and Travel

To me this has never really been something I needed to think about.  I wanted my life to be about traveling.  I always knew that I wanted to see the world more than I wanted the 9-5 job and 2.5 kids with a white picket fence.  But I recently came across an article that was all about why you shouldn't travel or quit your basic life and pursue a lifetime of travel and experiences.  I was honestly shocked to hear someone so vehemently argue that traveling was bad.  Why on Earth would you have a travel website if you didn't like to travel?

I can think of a thousand reasons why traveling is great but I feel like boiling it down to just a few. 

Meet new people

Honestly this isn't for everyone.  Not everyone is a people person.  I have my moments, I find myself somewhere in the middle.  Since most of my life I have paid the bills being a bartender a main part of my job is to be around people and be friendly and have conversations, I don't always want to be super social when I am not working.  

Even if people are not your favorite I can't imagine how you wouldn't enjoy just seeing how other people eat, live and learn about their totally different lives.  To me it's fascinating, sometimes a little bit strange.

Airline miles!

Kind of a joke but think of all the airline miles you will earn.  If you are smart you'll follow The Points Guy and learn how to really maximize your credit cards to get tons of free upgrades or entire trips.  I have really not flown much this year, what I have has been domestic and I still racked up more than 20,000 airline miles so far this year.  When you pay with your credit card you can really reap the rewards.

Learning amazing things

It's funny this was actually my chief reason fro wanting to be an actor too.  Not the fame, money or free stuff but for all the things they prob get to learn and all the travel.  Think about it when Matt Damon or Tom Cruise pick up a new role they do a lot of their own stunts and have to learn karate, sword fighting, space flight training, how to fly a plane etc. and you get paid to do it.

I feel like this same thing can apply to traveling.  When you travel you get so many opportunities to do and see some amazing things.  IF you are lucky some day somehow you will get paid to do these things. 


Most people and by most I mean like 98% do the traditional 9-5 and go to college and get that job that they hate but need to pay back the college loans, then get a nice car and need the job to pay that but need the car to get to the job.  It's a vicious cycle that you just can't get out of once you start.  I knew early in high school that was never for me.  I think when it came to college I just never knew what I wanted to do and the top 3 things were so different there was no way to 'just start and change your major after your mandatory classes'.  Before I knew it 10 years had passed and I never decided.  But the more I look back I am glad I didn't.  Very few people I know are 100% happy with their lives today or have any freedom to go and do what they dream of doing.  Trust me when I say there are plenty of jobs you can do while traveling (check my guide here)and the odds are decent that your existing job offers the ability to work online with little to no salary cut.

The key is committing.  You really have to want this and make it a priority in your life.  Saving for something like this can be scary and arduous but not impossible.  Make cuts like Starbucks or eating out or shopping.  Maybe even consider selling major things if you plan to travel permanently.   

Personal Growth

I can say for sure that traveling is the one thing that has changed me as a man more than any other thing.  I have learned and grown so much more through the experiences than I could never have hoped to sitting at home.  I know my time in Denver has changed me forever.  I think this has as much to do with traveling solo as it does with the journeys themselves.  Eat, Pray, Love is a great example of this.  Elizabeth Gilbert gave up everything and took off to try and reconnect with herself and found so many friends and learned so much about life, love and herself in the process.  

Final thoughts

I don't care what anyone says traveling is good for you.  Ignoring all of the above it will make you more of a human.  You will find yourself less trapped in the online self conscious world we live in and more aware of whats going on in the world.  You'll slow down and notice things, you'll enjoy little things and appreciate that the world is really big fascinating place filled with amazing people doing amazing things everyday.  I don't care how you travel, how much you travel or where you travel, just make sure you do.  You can't take all those things with you when you die, only experiences and they people you've touched.