Pricing Guides

I wanted to give a bullet style guide to the cities I visit and how much you can expect to spend per day.  I will include pricing range for budget travel to each city.  Perhaps in the future or when I get some sponsors (wink, wink) I'll do guides for luxury travel to destinations as well.

If you are looking to save money while visiting you should really consider eating light (i.e. not at sit down restaurants) or on food trucks.  Also get a GoCityCard to save a ton on tourist stops.  With a GoCityCard you can save around 50%.

For more help planning your next trip check out the Trip Planning section.




Miami can be a fickle city.  Many would like you to believe you can only enjoy your stay here if you spend a great deal of money.  

HOTELS: avg $150/night

EATING: $10-20/meal

TOURISM: $10-35/destination

TRANSPORTATION: $5/day Metrocard



Such a great place to visit.  So outdoorsy and full of things to do year round.  Most things are free in Denver or don't require buying to go to their top attractions.

HOTELS: avg $75/night

EATING: $10-25/meal

TOURISM: $5-25/Destination

TRANSPORTATION: $9/day includes airport transit


New Orleans

Not many cities have the history or the character that you will find here.  Very inexpensive unless you drink on Bourbon Street.  Many attractions here are free as well.

HOTELS: avg $125/night

EATING: $5-25/meal

TOURISM: $10-20/Destination


New York city

The city of dreams.  The city of lights.  The city that never sleeps.  Known by many names but none as encompassing as The Big Apple.  

HOTELS: avg $250/night

EATING: $15-40/Meal

TOURISM: $15-50/Destination




The glistening, smaller, under-rated cousin to Cape Town.  Johannesburg is a wonderful city.  Maybe not as spectacular as Cape Town but much easier on the wallet.

HOTELS: avg $60/night

EATING: $7-25/Meal

TOURISM: $5-20/Destination


More cities coming soon!