100 days of worry

I know I have only been blogging, rather writing, I don't like to call it blogging, for a short time.  And in that short time this website has become so much more and offers so much more than should be defined as simply a blog.  But I digress, one thing I have learned is that simply writing something is not enough.  What you bring is your own unique voice and that is easy to say but hard to understand.  It is even harder to understand and find your voice.  You really need to be okay with the idea that many people reading what you write will not agree or like what you have to say.  I can honestly say for me that is the one thing that has been my biggest obstacle, not time, not knowing people weren't there reading, not being the little guy, but finding my voice in a crowded room of doubters.

I saw a post recently that was in reference to Twitter and it said "If you're not a celebrity, Tweeting is like talking to yourself in a crowded room."  Some times that is how this blogging thing feels, especially so late in the game. 

Obviously the hope would be to make money, enough money in fact so I could travel as often as I'd like.  But that is just the hope and few ever achieve this.  But in the meantime I have found more and more that I want to say.  Today, 3 months in, I use the site just as much for a travel reference as I do to share my thoughts.


Speaking of thoughts, the presidential election comes to mind.  I know many of the people reading this are from countries outside of the United States so I feel compelled to say we are not all in agreement.  I will gladly admit to being wrong if that day ever comes but I seriously doubt it will.  I had some customers come to the bar I work at and tell me they came from Europe to watch 'the spectacle of the century' as it is being called.  That should sum up a tv show not a campaign for the leader of the free world.  Oh and a side not his opponent actually had the popular vote in the country.


For clarification the United States has an complicated but essentially indirect democracy.  We elect officials or representatives in our respective states and each state gets a certain number of representatives based mostly on population of the state.  Once we cast our vote for president the popular vote (person who has the most votes) is who gets our representatives (could be 3-55).  For example if candidate (A.) gets 93% of the votes for their state and candidate (B.) gets 5% and the state has 23 votes in the electoral collage candidate (A.) wins all 23.  This is also how one person can win majority of the votes but not win.

Photo from Wikipedia

I'm so personally worried that the rest of the world sees us as a joke, a standard of what not to do.  I can hear people now saying 'why should I care what anyone thinks?'  Well when you are talking about a global community and trading and finance and tourism you should care.  The value of our own dollar may be effected.  Brexit has shown it doesn't take much to damage the global economy but substantially more to repair damage. I just want the rest of the world to know that not everyone stands by the decision of the few.  We are not all racist stereotypes and that man and his beliefs do not represent all of us.

I would like to specifically mention the president-elect's 100 day plan.  It is lunacy.  There was mention of banning more than a dozen times.  It already sounds like a future dictator.  He is demanding his way or he will do horrible things to your country and their economy.  I certainly do not agree with 98% of his 100 day plan.  About the only part I do agree with is illegal immigrants need to go back or be forced to be officially processed.  

Trust me I have very strongly considered relocating to another country.  I actually thought about it when the race first started but to be honest it is not a smart financial decision.  If you are doing so for a job than the situation is very different.  If you are doing it for love it is different as well.  But to move simply because you are mad at your country right now is only going to hurt yourself.  But 90 day getaways are always available with no visa.

I want to end with my heart felt sincerest apology.  This is not what this country was founded on.  It was founded on the idea of starting a great nation filled with people from all over the world who want to escape their oppressive government.