Hurricane Skip Day

Not sure how everyone else feels about this but I decided to skip my Thursday post.  I am a very candid person, some may call it tactless but I like to be honest.  I have really been working to make this blog happen but with views down and a rough week personally not being able to make a desperately needed purchase and identity theft, and hurricane Matthew hitting Miami (where I now am) today, I'm really not in the mood to write or travel. 


I have been in dire need of a real laptop given my obvious desire to run a website and blog and have a social media presence.  My Chromebook is dying and I was supposed to buy a new Macbook this week but the impending hurricane has not only blown away trees and houses but also my savings due to time off work and prepping for the storm.  

Add to that my minor identity theft this week, they got everything but my social security number.  SO I decided to join LifeLock and change everything about my online persona possible.  Luckily I caught these guys on a Friday and acted quickly enough to prevent too much loss.  But this certainly hasn't helped my laptop fund.

Travel this month

All of these annoyances this week wouldn't have been nearly as bad if I wasn't supposed to be traveling to 5 cities this month for photo shoots and visits with friends.  I won't go into much detail because I can't quite yet but I have multiple flights all over the country and scheduling it between my normal work week is difficult.

Hurricane Matthew

It seems like a trifecta of unimaginable planning.  A hurricane, laptop failure and identity theft in one week.  They all boil down to one thing, money.  The hurricane has me taking off work and making less money, the identity theft has money being stolen from me and the laptop failure is just icing.  The hurricane is not only preventing me from making money but costing money.  

I hope I do not come across as negative or belittling to anyone loyal enough to follow my blog and website regularly.  I am so grateful to have anyone read what I write.  I think I am experiencing your typical blogger's beginner pain and a really rough week.  It may not seem like it but I am actually holding it together pretty well.  I never wrote anything before and now I am under a schedule every week while working full time and without a huge fan base it feels like I am writing to no one.  I know many successful bloggers will tell you it takes months if not years before you gain a large following but persisting through that while pretending to be upbeat and happy about your efforts going unnoticed is easier said than done.

I wanted to make sure to post something on schedule but I am sorry it won't be the usual.  I just need to take a break and vent a little bit.  When this storm breaks so will my slump.  I'll make sure to have a great post on Tuesday, maybe one on Sunday too.  Stick around for stories and photos from Jen's trip to China soon also.